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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I printed each of these on a colored sheet of paper then laminated it for future use ( I will be using dry erase marker for the questions on the back).  I can even flip over the Den names and use dry erase marker for other trivia games.

Again, email me if you want a file you can print.

I will be adding the list of questions when I get them done.

Cub Scouts
100- Who does Akela represent?
               Parents and/or Leaders
200- What was the name of the Chicago businessmen who incorporated the Boy Scouts of America?
               William D. Boyce
300- What 3 things does the Color Gold represent?
               Warm sunlight, good cheer, happiness
400- What 4 things does the color Blue represent?
Truth, spirituality, steadfast loyalty, the sky above
500- How many cub scouts were there in 2011?
100- Show the Cub Scout Sign
               Two fingers raised to the celing
200- Show me the Cub Scout Hand Shake
               Two fingers extended while shaking
300- What is the Cub Scout Moto
               Do your Best
400- Recite the Cub Scout Promise
I _____ promise to do my best To do my duty to God  and my country, To help other people, and To obey the Law of the Pack
500- Recite the Law of the Pack
The Cub Scout follows Akela, The Cub Scout helps the pack go, The pack helps the cub scout grow, The cub scout gives goodwill.

100- What is this a picture of?
               Hack Saw
200- What color represents the wolf den?
300- What are the 4 steps to taking care of a small cut?
Tell a grown up, let the cut bleed a little, wash it with soap and water, cover it with a bandaid
400- Name 3 things you can do at home to save electricity
               Name three
500- Demonstrate the 3 hand traffic signals when riding your bike.
               Left, right, stop

100- Name three Tall Tale Characters
               Name three
200- Name 5 foods considered “junck foods”
300- What Clor represents the Bear Den
               Auqua Marine
400- How many arrow points do you need to get to receive and silver arrow?
500- Name the three steps to take in case your clothes catch on fire
Stop where you are, Drop to the ground, Roll and cover your face.

100-True or False - A Webelos can only wear  a Blue scout shirt
200- True or False - When you become a WEBELOS you start learning the Boy Scout Oath, Motto, Slogan and Law? 
300- What does WEBELOS stand for?
WE BE LOyal Scouts (the caps are WEBELOS)
400- What is the highest award to a Cub Scout earned as a WEBELOS? 
Arrow of Light
500- What are the 2 badges you HAVE to earn to become a WEBELOS?
Fitness and Citizen

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